• 8 Lessons

    Exiting Vision Plans … Profitably!

    Eyecare practices accept managed care programs to serve their patients and communities. But these plans can take advantage of your goodwill and quickly turn your practice upside down.
    There is a better way to manage being managed. Take this course and you’ll clearly understand the relationship your practice has to managed care programs and your bottom line. Then be empowered to fix this relationship. Your practice will be healthier and enable you to provide even better care to your patients.
    It's only $149 for eight hours of content that could make a permanent difference in your business.
  • 7 Lessons

    Management Plan
    Through COVID-19

    Since shutdowns began in March, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption of business for eye care providers. To help eyecare pros manage these disruptions, INVISION has created a program of webinars to discuss tactics and real-time solutions for ECPs to use.
    • Managing finances to survive the pandemic
    • How to manage staff
    • Handling difficult clients during the pandemic
    • Creating a safe working environment
    And much more. It's a course designed for the pandemic that's also timely for any other time when your business might be facing difficulties or natural disasters.
  • 7 Lessons

    National Eyecare Facilities Conference

    This webinar series is designed to help optometry practice owners who are embarking on a remodel, moving or a new office build. Other key topics that will be covered throughout the series will be efficient project planning, financing options, design preferences, profitable location selection, the negotiation process and marketing the new office.

    For just $149, the series offers eyecare pros a much-needed guide on how to succeed in your most critical growth efforts.

  • 8 Lessons

    Practice Transitions

    During this interactive webinar series, you’ll learn how to prepare and understand financials and financing, stage your practice, develop a succession plan, value a practice, and negotiate the very best opportunity. You’ll learn how to grow your practice through acquisition and how to transition to associates using tax-leveraged mechanisms.

    For just $149, this program promises to provide essential insights to ensure your business brings you the long-term security you want.