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National Eyecare Facilities Conference

The ultimate guide for optometry practice owners embarking on a remodel, move or a new office build.

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8 Lessons

Practice Transitions

Essential insights to ensure your business brings you the long-term security you want.

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8 Lessons

Exiting Vision Plans … Profitably!

Understand the relationship your practice has to managed care programs and your bottom line.

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Management Plan
Through COVID-19

Lead your business through the pandemic with guidance from INVISION expert advisors.

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A Fresh Approach to Education From One of Eyecare's Most Trusted Media Sources

INVISION has been educating eyecare pros in print and online since 2014 and has assembled a strong network of trusted expert advisors.

Now we’re giving eyecare professionals of all levels — from the first-day optical employee to a long-time business owner and OD — the opportunity to learn key sales, marketing and management concepts in a classroom environment.

What Eye Care Pros Are Saying

I've worked with Cleinman for five years and find their information incredibly valuable.  Thank you for partnering with them — we need this information now more than ever.
Selina McGee, OD
Precision Vision of Edmond
I feel [the Exiting Vision Plans course] has tremendous value. I have started the conversation with my team regarding the cost of accepting this vision plan and the changing rules, and how that will impact their patients.
Sarah Jerome, OD
Look + See Eyecare
The Exiting Vision Plans course was one that I had known about in its in-person format but never could find time to get to thanks to running a business and having small kids. So, when it was offered in this online format, I jumped at the opportunity.
Amber Fritsch, OD
Precision Eye Care
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John Doe

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