INVISION has been educating eyecare pros in print and online since 2014 and has assembled a strong network of trusted expert advisors.  
Now we’re giving eyecare professionals of all levels — from the first-day optical employee to a long-time business owner and OD — the opportunity to learn key sales, marketing and management concepts in a classroom environment.

Course Testimonials

What Eyecare Pros Are Saying About INVISION's Education Platform

I've worked with Cleinman for five years and find their information incredibly valuable.  Thank you for partnering with them — we need this information now more than ever.
Selina McGee, OD
Precision Vision of Edmond
I feel [the Exiting Vision Plans course] has tremendous value. I have started the conversation with my team regarding the cost of accepting this vision plan and the changing rules, and how that will impact their patients.
Sarah Jerome, OD
Look + See Eyecare
The Exiting Vision Plans course was one that I had known about in its in-person format but never could find time to get to thanks to running a business and having small kids. So, when it was offered in this online format, I jumped at the opportunity.
Amber Fritsch, OD
Precision Eye Care
I wanted to thank you for the seminar you held regarding dropping vision plans. That gave me the push enough to drop a large vision plan on September 15, and we have experienced the best team morale and per-patient revenue in years. We are up 33% up in collections month-to-date (April 2021) vs 2019, while seeing fewer patients. We are only scheduling one doctor equivalent right now versus two doctors in 2019 due to COVID restrictions. Comparing to 2020 would be unfair.
Sarah Ito, OD
Sarah Ito, OD
Ocean Park Optometry

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